António Laranjeira

António Laranjeira has distinguished himself as a character strongly related to poetry having written in more recent times for several Fado singers. Ana Moura presented António Laranjeira’s poetry to the world with the poem “Venho falar dos meus medos” (“I have come to speak of my fears”) accompanied by the music of the Fado Acácio (traditional) with production and arrangements of Jorge Fernando.

In the Theater, invited by Filipe Lá Féria, his effective and sometimes even astounding performance rendered a very positive image of him in the Musical Amália, performing both on important stages in Europe as well as in Portugal in the Coliseu dos Recreios and Teatro São Luís, among others.

Nevertheless, it is as a Fado singer that António Laranjeira has contributed for his revelation as well as constant assertion. The most famous Fado houses such as Marquês da Sé and Senhor Vinho in Lisbon have surrendered themselves to the voice and presence of António Laranjeira. However, the frequent meeting point between the poetry and the Fado singer’s voice is now in the Restaurant O Fado in the city of Oporto.

LUZ – is the title of his new record, inspired on a poetic as well as musical voyage that goes through the Country accompanied by the enormous poets and musicians that are a part of the 15 Fados of this edition. Vasco Graça Moura, Amália Rodrigues, Marla Amastor, Fernando Campos Castro and the Fado singer himself sign and stand out on the poems masterfully combined with music by André Teixeira, Manuel Reis, Susana Castro Santos, Manuel Mendes, Raul Ferrão, José António Sabrosa Alfredo Marceneiro and Rogério Ferreira, whom also musically directed and produced this amazing work.

In this new album, Pedro Barroso shares with António Laranjeira a musical theme belonging to his vast and incomparable musical work, surprisingly adapted to Fado, where he lends his voice transforming “Porto Antigo” in one of the most impressive musical moments. The strength and beauty of this record are a result of the purest and most reciprocal sensitivity and commitment of all the intervenient parties, above all, out of their love for Fado.

Some of these as well as other Fados of nowadays and others of times past, played with mastery and sung with the emotion of one who feels and loves Fado, may be listened to every night in the Restaurant “O Fado”, the quintessential Fado house of the city of Oporto where António Laranjeira sings his Fado.

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